We love small furries as we like to call them but they do need a lot of care.  People think owning a rabbit is easy.  Well, it isn’t.   Diet is very important.  Rabbits should not be fed on Muesli foods.  The majority of the diet should be hay or grass with a good non-selective food.  They need fresh water at all times and other fresh veg.  They also don’t do very well on their own and can get stressed. They also need lots of space and need a good safe run.

Bedding is very important for all small furries and regular cleaning and good hygiene to prevent fly strike and mite/flea infestations is essential.   We have all you need for your animals and we also do homeopathic products.  We have some great toys to help with mental stimulation to stop animals from getting bored and stressed.  We can advise you on how to keep your animals happy and healthy.