A FRESH approach to the health and welfare of our much loved Pets.

The “Healthy Pet Shop” is a small independent Pet Shop, specializing in nutrition and homeopathic products for pets, plus advice if required on Training and Canine behaviour.

Our shelves are stocked with top quality pet food, toys, accessories and training equipment plus many ancillary products.

Our Policy is ……..

to believe in what we sell – it has to work and serve a purpose, as all animal and breed requirements are different……..          

 We stand by this.

With years of experience in the Pet Industry and owning our own animals, we know the working do’s-and-don’ts of pet related products.  We spend a lot of time sourcing excellent merchandise that “does what it says on the tin”.

We all love our pets, they are part of our family.   The phrase “you are what you eat”, does not only apply to humans, it also applies to our pets.

Over the years we witness more and more pets with over-active or aggressive behaviors and other.  There can be numerous underlying reasons for any of the above, but many stem from diet.

We listen and talk to our customers about their concerns they have with their pets, we gain good background history on the individual animal and if possible we like to meet and see the animal.  Once this is achieved, the root cause is normally very clear and we can advise.  

If at any point we don’t think we know the answer or we suspect there is something serious, we will always recommend you visit your vet.

Day -after -day we meet customers who have questions about their pets, whether it is a wellbeing or behavior question.  We reap huge satisfaction in assisting these customers and their Pets, in fact we get a real buzz from it.  Making a difference to the life of the customer and the pet, has a knock -on effect within the whole family.   

Many of our customers are now our friends.  Owning animals is a great way of meeting like minded new people.  People who care about their animals are always lovely people to know and we feel very privileged that our business supports those customers/friends.

We don’t charge for our help and advise.  It is all part of our service to you.


We are always happy to help.  Just call or pop in     01626 778852